Joerg Rieger on Patheos

PatheosDr. Rieger has been featured on’s Progressive Christian Portal a number of times in the past. While his writing is widely known in academic circles, it has been a delight to see his work permeating spheres outside of the academy. Patheos is one  such outlet that recognizes this importance of Rieger’s prophetic call to the church for change.  You may want to read some of Rieger’s work on Patheos to experience his writing in a more popular voice.

Deep Solidarity: Embracing God’s Power to Alleviate Poverty and Create Structural Change
December 12, 2013

Who’s Got the Power? Reclaiming the Authority of the Bible
August 6, 2014

Reconsidering Empire: Does it Matter?
November 18, 2014

Never Settling for False Peace
January 7, 2015